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Do you have a business project?

Are you having difficulty accessing a loan?

Do you live on a low income?

Are you a non-profit organization, a social or cultural enterprise waiting for a grant or tax credit ?

ACEM can help you with a business loan and provide technical support for the start up or expansion of your business or organization.

ACEM is a non-profit community loan fund whose mission is to fight poverty and exclusion through an innovative approach: community credit. ACEM provides accessible credit and technical support to individuals living on a low income and to organizations that do not have access to traditional forms of credit for the start up or expansion of their community or business project.

Through donations and ethical investments made by partners from various sectors of the community (trade union, faith-based communities, non-government organizations, business, foundations and individuals), ACEM has created an accessible capital fund.


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ACEM in action

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"Démarrer son entreprise n’est pas toujours facile pour les entrepreneurs. Le Palais du Beurre de Karité/Produits Sanema a vu le jour grâce au financement de l’ACEM obtenu en octobre dernier. Merci beaucoup! " - Mariam Simbré

Infolettre de l'ACEM

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Invest at ACEM

Those who want to contribute to the financing of ACEM’s loan capital fund can do so by making a socially responsible investment through a long term low-interest loan to ACEM.

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Make a donation

Those who wish to support ACEM by contributing to one of our funds can do so by making a donation for which ACEM will provide a charitable tax receipt.

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